Allstate Home Insurance Review

Aug 07, 2022 By Susan Kelly

It was founded in 1931 and is now one of the largest insurers in America, with projected 2020 revenue of almost $45 billion and a workforce of approximately 87,000 workers. The company underwrites more than 175 million policies in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Besides Allstate, Allstate owns various additional insurance firms, such as Encompass Insurance, SquareTrade, and Esurance Ratings from AM Best give it an A+ in terms of financial strength.

How Does Allstate's House Insurance Work?

In return for a payment, Allstate homeowners insurance protects your house from various risks. You'll make a claim, pay a deductible, and Allstate will take care of the rest if a covered risk damages your property. Even if your standard home insurance policy does not cover a specific occurrence, you can get additional insurance to protect yourself.

You may get Allstate homes insurance directly through Allstate or through an independent agent. Additionally, Allstate provides a mobile app that allows you to acquire a price, analyze your insurance needs, and make changes to your data. It is Allstate's responsibility to draught policies in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Cost of House Insurance With Allstate

Allstate's premiums are often higher than those of other insurance firms. Several variables influence the price you'll have to pay for a policy, including where you live and what kind of insurance you have. You can get a free Allstate insurance quotation online.

Ensure Your Home With Allstate

Although Allstate Home Insurance is one of the major insurers in the United States, its policy features and perks don't truly set it apart from the others. When it comes to personal property and loss of use coverage, the company isn't as comprehensive as one might anticipate from an industry leader.

On the other hand, Allstate's online quote system is worth mentioning. Home insurance words are illustrated with illustrations and graphics to make them easier to understand, and policy packages with different coverage levels are offered according to a customer's budget. As a bonus, you'll be able to pick and choose the coverages you want to include in your quotation.

Allstate's Standard Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Insurance for your house and other structures, such as a detached garage, personal property, additional living expenses or loss-of-use coverage in the event you have to leave your home while it is being repaired and guest medical coverage, also known as a no-fault policy, are all included in an Allstate home insurance policy.


  • If you want to use the Rate Guard function, you can avoid an increase in your rate due to a claim.
  • It's optional, but the Claims-Free Compensates program rewards you if you've had no claims throughout the policy.
  • Life insurance may be added to any of Allstate's house and automobile insurance plans, making it easy to save money.
  • You may take advantage of many Allstate discounts to save money on your home insurance.


  • Following the 2019 J.D. Power U.S. Home Insurance Study - Homeowners Insurance, Allstate house insurance consumers are just "About Average."
  • Many other companies' standard personal property coverage is higher, but we've kept it affordable.
  • Dwelling coverage is capped at a percentage rather than paying the complete loss caused by Additional Living Expenses or Loss of Use.
  • Extraordinary things such as jewels and furs can be insured online, but you won't be able to know how much they are covered for unless you book them.

Allstate Provides Additional Insurance Options

Allstate offers many extra coverages that most insurance companies provide in their home policy. On the other hand, this firm offers a variety of optional, less-common coverages that policyholders can choose to select, such as coverage against rate hikes resulting from claims or additional roof coverage.

How to File a Claim with Allstate's Home Insurance

When filing a claim, Allstate takes a multi-channel strategy to make things as simple as possible. It advises that you obtain as much information as possible regarding the situation, but not to wait too long: A quick claim filing can expedite Allstate's response, so don't wait until everything is ready before calling the firm. Regardless of whether you have an Allstate account, you can submit a claim online, via the Allstate Mobile app, over the phone at the 24-hour claims hotline, or by contacting your Allstate agent.

The Verdict

Regarding home insurance, we recommend Allstate because of its wide range of options and generous discounts. It's also one of the insurance industry's most well-known and well-established providers, with good financial soundness and client satisfaction scores.

You may want to check out a few of the best house insurance providers before making a final decision. Among the companies we recommend is Lemonade, which has a simple claims procedure based on artificial intelligence (AI). It's a good idea to shop for various house insurance quotes before deciding on one.

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Allstate Home Insurance Review
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